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Spice Up Your Event with Indian Snacks for Party

When you are having birthdays, a housewarming party or just a casual get together, food is an integral part of the celebration. Now, people often order pizzas or prepare some quiche for their guests. But what if you want to give them something that will make them remember your party? How about treating them with exotic Indian flavours that take their taste buds on a mesmerising journey? The Chakra Lounge brings you some amazing Indian snacks for party that will surely make your party truly memorable.

Samosa Chaat - The Indian Traditional Food that’s Making Waves

Samosas are not something that is new in these isles. However, the Chakra Lounge really kicks it up a notch. Our samosa chaat is a medley of flavour, made up of a perfectly crisp samosa, coupled with mildly spicy masala chole or Indian chickpeas. They also have a range of chutneys that further enhance the flavour of this Indian traditional food. Want to impress your guests? Here’s a tip - order all their chutneys and then give them the option to freely try out different combinations that will take them on a mouthwatering journey.

Indian snacks for party

Natkhat Bhel - One the Best Indian Snacks for Party

The word ‘natkhat’ in Hindi means ‘naughty’. So, if you want to give your guests something exciting, how about giving them something naughty? The Natkhat Bhel is inspired from the famous bhel that you get on the streets of Mumbai. Our Natkhat Bhel is made from puffed rice, veggies, chutneys and a special Bombay Mix. It's light, healthy and completely vegan, which makes it a perfect Indian Snacks for party snack that will please everyone, no matter what the time of the day may be!

The Chakra Lounge - the Best Place to Get Spicy Bites in Sheffield

These are only some of the snacks that you can try out for your party. At the Chakra Lounge, we bring to you a range of delicious snacks that exemplify fusion between Indian and Western flavours. Apart from Sheffield, they also have their takeaway restaurants in Buxton and Bakewell. So, if you are having a party, and you want to do something really different, then you should order in from the Chakra Lounge. Choose from the range of delicious dishes we have lined up for you and get the best spicy bites Sheffield that will give your guests something to remember your party as one of the most awesome ones they have ever been to!

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