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Spice Up Your Moments with Delectable Indian Traditional Food

Indian food has always been a favourite in Britain for more than five decades now. After all, who doesn’t know about the nation’s love affair with Chicken Tikka Masala. But Indian traditional food is much more than curries. There are a lot of healthy yet equally options available for your taste buds. If you are Buxton, Sheffield or Bakewell, then you can visit the Chakra Lounge and get the taste of healthy, vegan Indian food that comes with the perfect combination of spices.

Take a Trip Down the Spice Road with Indian Traditional Food

Chakra Lounge gives an innovative approach to Indian traditional food. They not only bring you the well-known Indian taste, but combine it with flavours from around the world. For example, their Bakewell menu has Punjabi Chili Cheese Melt. It combines the smooth, creamy texture of cheese melt with Punjabi spices that pack in some kick. It is served with salad and tortilla chips, which also brings the crispy and tangy taste of Mexico. In other words, this dish will be an international flavour party in your mouth. You can also try out their chickpea curry bowl, with pilau rice and salad. You can also order light and perfectly crispy potato samosas and dreamily soft naan bread. It is a hearty meal yet quite healthy.

Indian traditional food

Order Indian Snacks for Party from the Chakra Lounge

Having a housewarming party? Is your kid’s birthday coming up? Why order the same boring pizza? Why not try something healthy and delicious? Order Indian snacks for party from the Chakra Lounge. Whether you are looking for single bowl meals or something lighter, you will get a lot of options. They also have a lot of vegan options which will surely entice the taste buds of your guests, making your party a memorable one for everybody.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are looking for a healthy and vegan lunch at work or want snacks for your party, then the Chakra Lounge is the perfect destination for you. Their creative approach to Indo-western cuisine combines flavours from across the world, without compromising on your health. They have extensive vegan options as well to suit your lifestyle and preferences. If you are travelling or a proud resident of Derbyshire to visit the Chakra Lounge locations at Bakewell, Buxton or Sheffield and take a trip to flavour town.

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