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Open your Chakras

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Why Join Chakra Lounge

Welcome to Charka Lounge Franchise – a celebration of India’s rich culinary heritage and a unique opportunity for passionate individuals to participate in our flavorful success story. With a deep-rooted commitment to serving authentic Indian traditional food, we have established ourselves as a beloved brand with three thriving locations, and now, we’re excited to invite you to embark on this delicious journey with us.

Get The Your Desired Taste

At the heart of The Chakra Lounge is our never-ending love and passion for creating Indo-Western cuisine that brings two unique culinary heritages together.​

From the Land of Five Rivers, Punjab, India, we are inspired to create soul-stirring Indian cuisine that reflects our rich history and culture.​

Established as the first-ever lounge cafe in the heart of spa town, Buxton, Derbyshire, we believe that food is, by all means, a conversation of life.

We continuously strive to recreate that dialogue through our flavour-packed, ingredient-focused menu with alluring Indian dishes.


Franchise Requirements

We are seeking individuals who share our passion for Indian cuisine and are driven to succeed. To join our franchise family, you should:

  • Exhibit a dedication to maintaining our brand’s integrity and delivering exceptional customer experiences.

  • Be a proactive learner, eager to engage in our training programs and adopt our successful business practices.

  • Possess excellent communication skills and the ability to lead a team.

  • Embrace the values of diversity, inclusivity,

  • and a commitment to promoting cultural understanding Investment

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