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Order Beverages Online - The Chakra Lounge


At The Chakra Lounge, we deliver your favourite tea, masala chai & coffee blend right to your doorsteps within a week of ordering. And that too, without any delivery or shipping charges. Sounds interesting, right! Indeed, it is. We’re here to refresh, soothe and rejuvenate your taste buds with our exclusive range of beverages that we ship directly to your home. So, why not enjoy a hot sip of your favourite dark Malabar coffee or else a spicy cup of masala chai, every morning and evening.

What’s even more interesting, we deliver your pack of tea or coffee nationwide. So, if you want to order coffee online, simply visit our site, choose from an exclusive range of authentic Indian beverages. Our online coffee store caters to the needs of all ardent beverage lovers that cannot do without their daily cup of Espresso or spicy masala chai.

Classic Coffee Blends and Tea Mixes

Starting from our signature Chakra Espresso Blend, which is a spicy and fully flavoured blend of Arabica coffee beans from India & Peru, to our special Masala Chai with Indian Ayurvedic herbs, which is Gluten free, sugar free and 100% vegan; you get them all. Then comes our special Turmeric Mix, which is an Ayurvedic drink with immense health benefits. It reduces blood pressure, controls Diabetes, minimizes bodily inflammations, aches & pains, especially in cases related to Rheumatoid Arthritis. Apart from the classic Indian Ayurvedic tea and South American coffee, you can also order a milk frothing foaming jug and a premium wooden coffee tamper from our online coffee store at an affordable price.

All you guys looking to buy masala chai online or order coffee online, can now order it easily through our App, and get a FREE delivery within 7 days. Our Espresso coffee pack is hugely popular among all coffee lovers in the UK that want to experience the real taste of authentic Brazilian coffee, here in England. Similarly, it is our Ayurvedic herbs infused Indian tea and masala chai mix that are equally popular among the Asian community, as well as local Britons that are becoming increasingly health conscious, and understanding the immense benefits of these Indian herbal beverages. One perfect example is our masala chai online that comes loaded with spices & herbs like Holy Basil, green cardamom, black cardamom, clove, ginger, etc. So, just sip your cup of tea and stay fit for years.

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