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With A Heart To Serve

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

We, at The Chakra Lounge, centre our core belief around the philosophy and act of “Seva”, a word of Sanskrit origin from Ancient India, which directly translates to “selfless service”. And, we consider ourselves to be immensely blessed to be in a position to offer comfort and solace to the unfortunate in whichever way possible.

We believe that, together, we have the blessing to perform miracles through actions, even of the smallest degree, that will eventually transform another person’s life. The world is in dire need of such work, and our mindfulness has illuminated our desire to work for something more than ourselves, for the betterment of our community and our people.

At The Chakra Lounge, this belief is transferred to our customers, or to anyone who walks in through our doors, by offering them service with a big, warm, welcoming heart. With initiatives such as “Pay It Forward”, we are always inspired to be incredible and selfless in all that we do within and outside of The Chakra Lounge.

Moreover, we firmly believe that Seva also instils a sense of individual commitment in each one of us, here at The Chakra Lounge, to embrace our guests, to make them feel our genuine affection, and have them join us as a family over delicious food.

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