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The Story Of Us

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

At the heart of The Chakra Lounge is our never-ending love and passion for creating Indo-Western cuisine that brings two unique culinary heritages together. Originating from the Land of Five Rivers, Punjab, India, our steadfast passion for soul-stirring Indian cuisine whilst growing up have inspired us to weave the rich history and culture of the country to reflect in the culinary creations that we put forth.

Established as the first-ever lounge café in the heart of spa town, Buxton, Derbyshire, we believe that food is, by all means, a conversation of life. We continuously strive to recreate that dialogue through our flavour-packed, ingredient-focused menu with alluring Indian dishes. With hopes to evoke a beautiful memory to reminiscent and 40 years of collective experience of a team, we have created traditional dishes with a fresh western twist and a variety of herbs and spices that don’t often bless menus.

"Chakra", originating from ancient Vedic scripts of the Sanskrit language, refers to a pure healing energy, that’s all around us and within us, unifying our body, mind and spirit to keep us unapologetically happy, healthy and vibrant. The foundations of The Chakra Lounge are built aroundon these very characteristics.

Our story continuously unfolds as we keep at exploring new ingredients and combinations of flavours and tastes to bring two worlds closer. Embark on a scrumptious journey with us as we redefine the contemporary dining experience with timeless classics and the thrill of the new. We’ve created a space of serenity and a delectable menu, with plates of love and appetizing Indian snacks, just a moment away, only for you!

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