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The Best Vegan Food in Bakewell to Try Out in 2024

Is your new year’s resolution to eat healthy? But are you not feeling too enthusiastic about it, as healthy food is always drab? Well, the times they are a-changin’! If you are a resident of Bakewell, then eating healthy food in Bakewell doesn’t mean that you have to cut back on taste. Here, we are going to take a look at the best vegan food in Bakewell to try out in 2024.

The Chakra Lounge – The Best Cafe in Bakewell for Healthy Food

Bakewell might not be Shoreditch in East London, but it does have some really great places to eat. The Chakra Lounge, located on Buxton Road is perhaps the best cafe in Bakewell for healthy food. The chefs at the Chakra Lounge give an Indian twist to healthy dishes, keeping the right balance between taste and health.

best vegan food in Bakewell

Here are some of the things on the menu at the Chakra Lounge that you must try out:

  • Bheega Naan – The Perfect Example of Lip Smacking Vegan Food Bakewell

Bheega Naan or ‘wet’ naan bread is a delicious way to satisfy your taste buds, without feeling guilty about the calories. The vegan naan bread is soaked in a vegan curry, and then topped with fresh coriander, onions, tomatoes and imli (tamarind) chutney – which just steals the show. This vegan food Bakewell is perfect for a light lunch.

  • Indian Currywurst – A hearty option for healthy food in Bakewell

If you are looking for something a bit more filling, then you can try out the Indian currywurst. It's a hot dog with vegan sausage, topped with onion, tomatos and fresh herbs. They also spice it up with a curry sauce and home made chutney. Who said vegan hot dogs are boring? One bit will surely prove them wrong. This is definitely a must try for people looking for healthy food in Bakewell.

Book a Table Online and Treat Yourself with the Best Vegan Food in Bakewell

The menu at the Chakra Lounge is filled with many such healthy yet delicious options. If you are looking to explore the best vegan food in Bakewell, then you can book a table online through their website. Reservations can be made over the phone as well.

The Chakra Lounge also has locations in Buxton and Sheffield.

So, reserve a table at the Chakra Lounge and embark on a memorable gastronomical journey.


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