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Start Your Morning with a Healthy Sip with a Delicious Turmeric Latte Recipe

Having a healthy drink is an essential component of a healthy diet. However, health drinks don’t find a lot of takers simply because most of them are complex preparations! Most of us have the habit of just dipping in our tea bags in a warm cup of water or quickly preparing a cup of instant coffee. But what if we said that there is a healthy drink that you can prepare as easily as a cup of tea in the morning. Ladies and gentleman, we give you turmeric latte! Here, we will learn about the benefits and even take a look at a quick and easy turmeric latte recipe.

turmeric latte recipe

What is Turmeric Latte?

Turmeric latte is a concoction made with turmeric spice and milk. It is also known as ‘haldi dudh’ in Hindi, and is widely used in many rituals across India. Turmeric latte, or turmeric milk is also popular across Asia and Middle East.

What are Some Turmeric Latte Benefits?

Turmeric latte benefits are well known in India and many other Asian and Middle Eastern cultures since ages. It finds mentions in ancient Ayurvedic scripts as well. Here are some of the key turmeric latte benefits:

  1. Rich in Antioxidants and Anti-inflammatory Compounds: Turmeric contains curcumin, a compound which is a powerful antioxidant and known for its potent anti-inflammatory effects.

  2. Improves Mood and Reduces Depression: Turmeric latte can have antidepressant effects, which may help improve mood and alleviate symptoms of depression.

  3. Helps in Maintaining Skin Health: The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of turmeric can also benefit the skin, helping to reduce acne, scarring, and other skin conditions.

The Perfect Turmeric Latte Recipe to Try Out

Here is a quick and simple turmeric latte recipe that takes less than 5 minutes to prepare. You can prepare it before you head out for work or after hitting the gym. All it takes is just two ingredients.

Things You’ll Need

  • 1 cup almond, soy or coconut milk. We are preparing a vegan turmeric latte, but you can use dairy-based milk as well.

  • Half a teaspoon of the Chakra Lounge’s Turmeric Mix, available at our online store. Click here to buy now.

turmeric latte benefits

Why Our Turmeric Mix?

  • Contains a unique blend of Indian-grown spices including black pepper, ginger, cardamom, star anise, and fennel seeds.

  • The ingredients are responsibly sourced from Punjab, in northern India.


  1. Take a small saucepan, pour in the milk and keep it over medium heat until it's hot but not boiling.

  2. Whisk in the Turmeric Mix and stir in the maple syrup/honey/any other sweetener as per taste. You can also add the vanilla extract if you want.

  3. Want a more frothy latte? Try blending in the mixture using an immersion blender or regular blender until fit gets the desired consistency.

  4. Pour the latte into a mug and enjoy it warm.

The most important thing for your turmeric latte recipe is to get the best quality turmeric. At the Chakra Lounge, we bring you the choicest selection of the finest Indian spices. So, get the best quality turmeric from our online store and take a healthy sip that gives the perfect start to your mornings.

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