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Now Order Masala Chai Online in the UK and Get it Delivered to Home Within a Week

You know what ‘Masala Chai’ means or refers to? In simple words when translated to English, it is Spicy Tea. Nothing less, nothing more. And, there’s a huge popularity and demand for this Indian spice infused beverage, here in the UK. It consists of rare aromatic spices and special Ayurvedic herbs, all crushed and blended into some of the finest tea from the valleys of Assam, Darjeeling and Munnar.

Go for a Masala Chai Online Order from ‘The Chakra Lounge’ Cafe in Buxton

If you’re residing in Buxton or Bakewell, it's now easier than before to order a pack of masala tea from a local Indo-Western cafe that sells such authentic beverage mixes in packs of 100gms & 200gms. In fact, one such masala chai online order is worth the money, as it contains an abundance of health properties. It is rich in antioxidants, highly falvourful and is blended with Indian spices like fennel seeds, cloves, cardamom and cinnamon. Such a beverage helps fight infections, improves gastro-intestinal health, enhances bowel movement & digestive mechanism, calms nervous system, reduces stress and boosts immunity against diseases.

Why Buy Masala Chai Online from a Local Cafe or Food Joint?

It is simply because you can trust a local brand or outlet, and go for returning the package, if you don’t like it, which is very rare and unlikely to happen with a trusted brand like “The Chakra Lounge”. Here, you can buy masala chai online, and enjoy the authentic Indian street side tea-making flavours and aromas, as it has all the species like ginger, basil leaf, Star Anise, cloves and cardamom, all grinded into the tea leaves. And, with a price tag of £7.25 for a 100 gm pack, it’s definitely worth it. This is possibly the best beverage that you can order online here in the UK, and enjoy your weekend mornings and evenings with a sip of your favourite spicy tea.

Get a Pack of Turmeric Mix in the UK, Shipped Directly to your Home

Now, you can also order a pack of Turmeric Mix here in the UK at a very affordable price, same as that of a masala chai mix pack. We all know that Turmeric Latte, Turmeric Milk or Golden Latte is an ancient Ayurvedic drink, prevalent in rural homes across the subcontinent, especially India. Curcumin, which is the main active ingredient of Turmeric, contains immense health benefits. It fights inflammation, skin conditions, manages weight, possesses antioxidant properties, manages metabolic syndrome and even fights certain cancerous cells. So, why not order one such affordably priced turmeric mix pack online, and start living a healthy lifestyle. The choice is yours.

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