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Healthy Indian Vegan Food Sheffield: How an Indian Takeaway Sheffield is Introducing a Fresh New Take on Desi Cuisine?

The love affair between Brits and their Indian food is much fabled. When we think of Indian food, our minds conjure up images of a steaming bowl of Chicken Tikka Masala, with dollops of butter and rich, fried masala. It is lip smackingly good, but is it healthy though? Well, if you are health-conscious, then you will know the answer! So, does that mean that there are no healthy options in Indian cuisine? No, there are many. An Indian takeaway Sheffield is introducing desi food loving Britons to a fresh, healthy version of Indian cuisine.

Step into The Chakra Lounge: The Best Destination for Healthy Indian Vegan food in Sheffield

Like every major city in the UK, Sheffield has several good Indian takeaways. But The Chakra Lounge is bringing healthy vegan food in Sheffield with an Indian twist. The restaurant won several awards, including the best Indian-inspired casual dining venue in East Midlands in 2023, is known for fusing Indian and Western cuisines.

Vegan food in Sheffield

Exploring Healthy Vegan Food in Sheffield: Some Options You’ll Love

Let us take a look at some of the popular menu items for healthy food in Sheffield that you will definitely love.

1. If Indians Did It: That’s what they call their take on the classic Full English breakfast. And they are surely doing it right. You will get delicious, tender cumin potatoes, vegan sausages, grilled tomato, smashed avocados, mushrooms and toast.

  • We Recommend: If you are not strictly vegan, you can upgrade to Indian masala scrambled eggs. Eggs never were this exciting.

2. Rajma Chawal: This is kidney beans (‘rajma’) cooked in a rich tomato sauce, served with rice, with an option to upgrade to a soft naan bread. Just one bite will transport you to the streets of Delhi.

  • We Recommend: Between the bites, do take a bit of the tangy ‘aachar’ (pickle) which is served on the side.

3. Bhel Puri: If you are in the mood for something really light, do try out this classic Indian street dish. Made with puffed rice, crispy potatoes, veggies and chutney, topped with sev (fried chickpea noodles), it's healthy and filling, making it perfect for a light lunch.

  • We Recommend: Pair it with Chakra Masala Chai, for an authentic ‘desi’ experience. The blend is a secret, but the mystery just adds to the taste.

Serving Best Vegetarian Food in Sheffield and Beyond

Not only does The Chakra Lounge serve some of the best vegetarian food in Sheffield, it also has locations in Buxton and Bakewell. So, if you are in Derbyshire, do savor some healthy vegan Indian food that will get you hooked.

Apart from being an Indian takeaway Sheffield, you can also book a table for lunch at the Chakra Lounge. Click here to reserve a table online.


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