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Find Your Zen

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Food, created with inspiration drawn from India’s age-old tradition, centres around physical and emotional well-being and has been since the beginning of civilization itself. Invoking this time-honoured principle into a western concept, at The Chakra Lounge, we ensure that our guests are at ease, both physically and mentally, having a high proclivity to developing internally and finding their own chakras.

The Chakra Lounge steers away from the intimate, hushed dining experience; it’s all about kicking back and relaxing with a refreshing drink, or a captivating read, or even, a rendezvous with your amigos for a fun night around delicious Indian snacks and board games. We have it all here.

In an age of relentless work and study, it is essential to find the time to escape, to recharge, relax and rejuvenate. We offer a variety of Vegan, Vegetarian, “Raw-Centric” and Non-Vegetarian fresh, farm-to-plate, dishes that address both nutritional requirements as well as taste, leading to an enjoyable mélange of modern and re-imagined flavours that restore, energize and calm the mind to uplift your overall wellness and mood.

Whether it’s the playful banter of bright young things over hot vegetable samosas with our very own signature drink, Chakra’s Turmeric and Cardamom Latte, or the enigmatic happiness of passionate foodies, The Chakra Lounge has a vibe that’s difficult to resist. With an atmosphere that pulsates with peace, tranquility, laughter and pleasure, we are blessed to witness milestone celebrations, grand plans and some wonderful stories of self-discovery and love.

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