For Nourishment, For Community, For You and Me, and last but not the least, for Mother Earth – it is about time we stand for sustainability.

The Chakra Lounge follows sustainable practices in all that we do, when and where possible.

Here’s how we do it!


Everything we put into our bodies affects our health and our long-term wellbeing. However, the most important purpose of opting for sustainable ingredients is to protect our environment. Because the decisions that we make as consumers affect the environment that we live in and share

Our fresh ingredients are sourced from local businesses and farmers in an attempt to considerably reduce our carbon footprint. We ensure that our vendors are considerate and empathetic towards Mother Earth and guarantee the usage of organic products unlike the ones used in conventional farming methods.

The Chakra Lounge is working towards maintaining our natural environment and resources while supporting the local community.



When a food package is thrown away, it adds to the grave condition of the environment. A study stated that if production and use of plastic continue as it currently is, there may be more non-degradable plastic than fish in the ocean by 2050. Hence, it is our responsibility to preserve our nature and restore as much as we can.

At The Chakra Lounge, we use eco-friendly food packaging along with biodegradable yet durable cutlery for all our orders.


We believe nothing says a better story than simple things that were previously owned and stands witness to thoughtful craftsmanship. All throughout The Chakra Lounge space, you will be able to notice ethically sourced and eco-conscious items that have been restored to glory with the help of expert artisans.



We have partnered up with the International Tree Foundation with the goal to transform our landscapes, communities and livelihoods. For every gift voucher purchased at The Chakra Lounge, we will plant a tree with the help of the International Tree Foundation.

Our ultimate goal of this initiative is to restore and conserve the environment while considerably reducing our carbon footprint and reversing the effects of climate change.

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